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Note all items are LIMITED in quantity. If you do not order right away, you may be disappointed. All items are brand new and come with a one year warranty. All sales are final.

CCS Educational Product Clearance

50% off
Protractor Watcher
Slit Watcher
Lens-5 Watcher
Pencil Watcher
Thermo Watcher
  Ruler Watcher
  Stop Watcher
  Magnet Watcher
  Alligator Leads Watcher
  Stapler Watcher


Collector Items

Texas Instruments Calculator. Texas Instruments View Screen Calculator. Texas Instruments Overhead Texas Instruments View Screen Kit (Calculator and overhead)

TI-83/84+ Cases


83/84+ Cases (Old style)
Regular $169.95 now $129.95
Quantities limited

CBL™ and Probes

CBL Demo CBL's™ and Sensors (Light, Voltage, Temperature) are available. Supplies Limited.

CBL™ $29.95 each
Sensors $9.95 each
CBL™ with 3 Sensors $49.95

Allow students to easily collect and analyze real-world data from the CBL™ data collection system. Voltage Light and Temperature Probes


Keyboard and Cradle Demo Units are now available for clearance. Hurry supplies limited.

Keyboard $19.95 TI-83 Cradle $5.95

Portability takes on a whole new meaning with the TI Keyboard. This durable unit brings basic word processing capabilities to many of TI's educational handhelds.


Printing Calculators

5019 Printing Calculator...22.95

5019 Printing Calculator

5006 Printing Calculator...24.95



TI Graph Link Grey Cable

Adaptor Cable
This is the original Grey Graph Link Cable that allows one to connect most older PC computers (a 25 pin COM port) to the Texas Instruments Graphing calculators. This is still sold as part of the Graph Link Kit that connects PCs and Macs to the calculator.

Price:9.95 Now 4.95 each.
Mac Adaptor cable(Connects to the grey cable above.):24.95 each.