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Security, Storage and Transport Systems

HotPlateWatcher TM

Tired of not being able to transport hot plates immediately to the next class or to put hot plates away until they have cooled down? The HotplatewatcherTM, exclusively designed by CCS, is a storage, transportation and security system for hot plates made from a heat conducting metal screen and a hand crafted pine and plywood wooden frame. Students can now safely put the hot plates neatly away, or even take them off to the next class, immediately after use. The capacity is 6 plates (not 8 as shown) per tray with a specific location for each hot plate so if one is missing you can easily see. The trays stack on one another for easier transport and storage. HotplatewatcherTM is approximately 25 cm X 40 cm in size. State diameter, height and manufacturer of your hot plates when ordering.HotPlateWatcher
Catalogue no: 94P048 (6 hot plate size) $89.00 each

GoggleWatcher TM

Designed for easy storage, transport and security, the Gogglewatcher TM is instantly ready for student use. Its a proven security system for preventing loss or theft of safety goggles or glasses. Any goggles not returned are quickly detected. The GogglewatcherTM comes complete with handles, removable Plexiglas sliding doors and holes for optional wall mounting. The handcrafted wooden box is made from pine. Plywood, for extra strength, is used for the compartments and backing. It has a 32 (class set) goggle capacity.GoggleWatcher
Catalogue no: 88G036 $ 125.00

MagnetWatcher TM

The MagnetwatcherTM is a tested and proven security system preventing loss or theft of magnets. It is also designed for easy storage, transport and quick set up of magnets for student use. The especially designed tray allows the magnets to be easily flipped up for student use. It has a fool proof metal keeper system to maintain the magnetic field strength of each magnet. This metal inner shell also provides external shielding to protect from accidental erasure of magnetic disks and video tapes near by. The handcrafted wooden box is made of pine and lined with ferromagnetic metal and stores up to 16 magnets at one time.MagnetWatcher Case
Catalogue no: 88G011 $ 89.00

ThermoWatcher TM

"It's permanently attached to the wall in my lab & the kids use it when necessary ... it's just great "
- R.B. - Science Head
The ThermowatcherTM is designed to save teacher time and prevent thermometer loss or damage. With easy teacher set up, and storage, it comes with a plastic self-hiding transparent lid. This allows the teacher to keep accurate count of the number of thermometers and the condition of the bulbs before, during and after lab use. The specially designed cross-grooved tray, allows the individual thermometers to flip up for easy access by a simple push of the student's finger. Up to 16 thermometers can be stored in each tray. As a security system, it comes complete with teacher and student instructions as well as student sign-up sheet. The ThermowatcherTM is handcrafted in pine, with drop resistant solid hard wood sides and is approximately 35 cm X 20 cm X 4 cm in size.ThermoWatcher Case.
Catalogue no: 88C004 $85.00 each

StopWatcher TM

The STOPWATCHERTM is hand crafted from pine and stores up to 16 stopwatches. It pays for itself by preventing theft of watches but because of its convenience, you save time too! As part of the security system, it comes complete with teacher instructions, student instructions (in 2 versions), student sign-out sheet, and some suggestions of how to minimize all stopwatch loss.
Catalogue no: 88P009 $95.00

  • fast setup, transport, and storage
  • sturdy break resistant box
  • eliminates counting watches forever
  • prevents stopwatch theft
  • pays for itself in no time
Stop Watcher Case
"I've lost a lot fewer watches since using one" - J.G. - Science Head

Computer Simulated Study of Waves TM

Designed to be a complete turn key system to use as a demonstration to augment a lesson or as an independent study unit. Everything you need is included. No prep time required other than running off the handouts. Five parts of the program demonstrate the relationship between:
  1. The Wavelength and the Amplitude of a Wave.
  2. The Wavelength and the Frequency of a Wave.
  3. Two Identical Waves and their Resultant.
  4. Two Different Waves and their Resultant.
  5. Two Similar Waves of Different Frequencies.
This program comes with:
  • Computer Generated Video
  • Student Worksheets
  • A Teacher Guide
  • Teacher Answer Sheets
Video Tape, Handouts, and Teacher Notes.
Catalogue no: 91P015 $ 95.00

Alligator Leads Watcher TM

This sturdy hand crafted wooden Alligator LeadsWatcher TM functions as a security, storage & transport system. Both models holds up to 32 leads, with an obvious attachment location for each. One can instantly see if a lead is missing. UNIVERSAL MODEL is for your existing lead collection and works with all makes and sizes of leads with an alligator at one end. The specially designed lid opens flat down the back of the box to allow students to take or replace leads easily. When finished, the lid is closed (picture shows closing lid by guiding the leads to the inside) for storage or transport. (shown on left)COMPLETE KIT comes with leads. The kit has 8 one foot, 16 one & a half foot, & 8 two foot lengths half black and half red. These fit precisely, attaching at both ends in their own security groove, ready for storage or transport.Case with Alligator Leads
Catalogue no: 93P038 (universal model) $95.00 each
Catalogue no: 93P039 (complete kit not shown) $185.00
Student explaining to the teacher: "I used the long wires to prevent the short circuit."

Microslide Viewer Watcher TM

This sturdy hinged Microslide viewerwatcherTM is a wooden box functioning as a security system as well as a storage & transport system. It holds up to 16 microstrip viewers, each with their designated spot, so that one can instantly see if a viewer is missing. The lid opens out flat to allow students to put viewers in and out easily. With nestled storage in both lid and base, storage space is reduced considerably. The lid is cut on an angle to take full advantage of locating the carry handle at the centre of gravity allowing for easy transport. Wheels optional. Size is approximately 27 cm X 27 cm X 60 cm.Case with 16 MicroSlides
Catalogue no: 90B02 (with front carry handle) $235.00 each
Catalogue no: 90B040 (with end wheels & pulling handles mounted ) $259.00 each

StaplerWatcher TM

The STAPLERWATCHERTM is made from a sturdy corner re-enforced metal and can take the pounding kids are sure to supply. It pays for itself by preventing stapler theft but more important than that, saves you time! You will never be asked "Where's the stapler?" again. The plastic finishing pop-on skirt comes in two colours white or black. The Apsco Model 2002 Stapler comes attached to the STAPLERWATCHERTM and is ready for easy mounting with the 2 screws supplied. A model for table top mount (not shown) is also available. State colour of plastic skirt black or white & stapler black or putty.Angle Mounted and Table Top Mounted Staplers
Catalogue no: 92P031 angle mount with stapler & mounting hardware $59.95
Catalogue no: 92P032 table top mount with stapler included & mounting hardware $57.95
Catalogue no: 92P033 angle mount & mounting hardware, without stapler $24.95
Catalogue no: 92P034 table top mount & mounting hardware, without stapler $22.95

Miscellaneous Watchers TM

CCS has designed a series of storage, transportation and security boxes shown below. Each is hand crafted from wood and especially designed for the specific piece of equipment named. If you are tired of counting equipment every time you hand out and collect it, and even then not getting it all back, then these are for you...

1 - glass prism or block (for ray box)for standard 7 X 7 cm1688P005$19.50
2 - slit plate (for ray box)for standard 5.5 X 5.5 cm1688P012$19.50
3 - round lenses / mirrorsup to 5 cm diameter1690P016$19.50
round lenses / mirrors (not shown)up to 10 cm diameter1690P017$24.50
round lenses / mirrors (not shown)up to 15 cm diameter1690P018$29.50
4 - plane mirrors (for ray box)for standard 15 X 4 cm1690P019$19.50
5 - protractorsfor standard 10 cm plastic1690P020$19.50
rulers (not shown)for standard 12"1690P021$19.50
pencils (not shown)for standard pencil1690P022$19.50
6 - plano-lenses (for ray box)for flat standard 1 X 2 X 6 cm1690P031$24.50
Miscellaneous Watchers

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