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Schoolcell Rechargables

Details on Schoolcell Alkaline Rechargeables.

Comparison of other types of batteries to Schoolcell

How much money can Schoolcells save you?

Schoolcells Reduce Greenhouse Gases(GHG) by 94%

Each manufacturer of Alkaline Rechargeables has a special brand name for their batteries:
Rayovac used to make a brand called "Renewal" but they are now gone. They simply could not keep up with the ongoing changes in the chemistry of the alkaline rechargeable. Schoolcell is our own brand made for us by Pure Energy Visions Ltd of Toronto. They are made in Amherst Nova Scotia.
TYPE: School Cell XLUsed for
AAA 9.89/setcalculators
AA 9.99/setCBR, CBL, Lab Pro
Pure Energy School Cell Battery

Schoolcell Advantages: