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Bat'ry Gard TM

Costs less than one set of batteries!

Bat'ry Gard has invented and patented a locking device for the battery compartment of calculators, CBL's and the new LabPro. This prevents battery theft from these devices. Stealing a calculator, with Bat'ry Gard installed would be of no value since one cannot use a calculator with dead batteries.

Bat'ry Gard LogoFor TI-83 and TI-83+ calculators:
  • Code Bat 30 plus: Price $135.00 for 30
  • Code Bat 100 plus: Price $400.00 for 100
Bat 30 or Bat 100 for calculators made before Dec 1999. See details below.
  • Code Bat 30: Price $105.00 for 30
  • Code Bat 100: Price $300.00 for 100
For TI-84+ calculators:
  • Code Bat 30 84 plus: Price $165.00 for 30
  • Code Bat 100 84 plus: Price $500.00 for 100
For CBL and LabPro:
  • Code Bat 30 plus: CBL/Lab Pro Price $135
  • Code Bat 100 plus: CBL/Lab Pro Price $400
The "Removal Tool" works with all types and is required to installation and remove. One tool removal tool for each teacher using the device.
  • Code Removal Tool Price $4.95 each

Since Dec 1999, Texas Instruments has changed the battery compartment on its TI-83+ calculators. Check the date code on the back (use the first four of the last 5 numbers - eg. 05981 is May 1998). If your calculator is a TI-83+ and the date is 0999 or later, order the Bat 30 plus or the Bat 100 plus.

Bat'ry GardTM is a trade mark of © CCS Educational Inc 1999. Patent Pending