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Reiki, second degree has a marvellous effect on the mind, body and soul. It's energies are far beyond the understanding.  So many of our troubles are caused by our attitudes, our emotions. Second degree Reiki brings healing energy to the emotions as well as the mind and body.

Included below, are links to additional techniques that involve getting rid of migraine headaches as well as back pain and joint pain..

However, It is important to work with these areas the presence of the client physically, or on the phone. The client will tell you where the pain is and you then will know where to focus. The client, yourself or another, heals him/her self. You are only a tube and a pointer as a Reiki practitioner. If you are thinking yourself as 'power', it is not Reiki you are doing. This is very important. Reiki is 'allowing', even with Second Degree.

Inner Permission

As you were taught in level one, it is necessary receive permission before the energy will flow. If permission is not given, the energy simply will not flow,. If Jean comes and asks for a treatment, the energy may not flow. Conscious permission from the conscious mind does not seem open up a person to the accepting of the Rieki energy. It seems as if it is necessary to have permission from a hidden part of her nature. It is on the spiritual level that permission must be given before the person will access and receive the energy.

Sometimes you may forget to ask permission and the energy flows. This means that the spirit has already given permission. In Reiki, you were often told that some people will refuse the energy from a deeper (soul) level. The energy simply does not flow. There is no tingle, no observable effect. When the V of Light is done, the energy abruptly and obviously starts. The result is too obvious to ignore.

You may be able to develop a technique that can bypass the conscious mind to a higher mind to get permission from a deeper level. The V of Light technique really needs to be demonstrated with diagrams in order to be explained. (have to keep the megs low on the net)


Man"s emotions, mind, soul and spirit are the major targets for the second degree Reiki. The prime technique that brings peace and balance to the most distressed of minds is the following:

Anything can be intended between your hands or in front of your hands can be Reikied.

If you are working on an individual in another country, you intend that person in front of your right hand. Give the person's approximate age and address. If you do not know the details go through someone that you already know.

  • Place both hands up, palm facing away from you.
  • Intend the person you know in front of the right hand.
  • Intend the unknown person in front of your left hand.
  • Move your right hand over to your left hand.
  • Remove your left hand.
  • Your right hand will have the distant client intended in front of your palm.

Then visualize and draw the second degree symbols on the client. You will be amazed.

Another thing you can do is visualize the person or situation or thing in front of you. Place your left hand on what would at the back of the neck of what would be a human being. Then draw the symbols over the top of the head. Hold your hand there. You will find the tingles will gradually get weaker over the head. The left hand gradually the tingles disappear. When there are no more tingles, you are finished. (have had repeated confirmed success in the relief of strong negative emotions and physical pain),

In first degree, you were taught that you can make
Reiki available anywhere, from between your hands. It is the intention that counts.

Second degree Reiki is specifically designed to be sent over distances. You merely need to focus on a distant place and do the symbols. You do not need to place the second degree between your hands. The intention is enough. Yet you may want to do the above techniques. I know that the energy has been received in England. It was verified.

See also:



In moving into the future, it is safe to send Reiki because only the Highest and Best Good can result. Reiki will only work from the Highest and Best point of view. (If you are really guilty in a court case, the court case would go against you.)

If you are sensitive to vibration and are empathetic, you may not be happy with the feelings your hand will experience. This an indication that it not only will need the Reiki, but perhaps you might want to change something in your life.

After experimenting with this technique for many years, I discovered that we have multiple possibilities for the future. I would ask the questioner to choose two opposing possible decisions with which they were faced. Then I would do the above procedure noticing the differences in vibration and feelings I would experience with one decision. I would carefully note the feelings for each year or month. I would do the procedure again with the opposing decision. Then I would compare the feelings.

There was a friend who was going to buy a house. I sensed the about March of that year there would be extreme discomfort if she bought a house before it was built. The other decision was to wait till summer and buy a house that was already built. When going into the future, there was very pleasant vibrations for years to come. Luckily, she chose to purchase the house in the summer. Why? In March of that year, the builder did not build the houses and the people who put down payments lost their money. She now is thoroughly enjoying her new home.

Reiki would not have changed the builder's decision in going bankrupt. It may soften the blow by making the situation more bearable; but Reiki is not magic. All beings have free will and free will must be respected. We must still suffer the consequences of our acts.

It is only when you develop an extreme sensitivity and empathy that this system will work to discover the future. The major use for most for this system is to simply send the Reiki energy to the intended time as suggested.



Reiki has no Grand Master. As a result, there are many approaches to Reiki. The Doctor Usui Method is the same in the First Degree Reiki. I have taught Second Degree Reiki to many people who have started out in other Reiki systems, For almost all, the energy seems to be the same. (Check by putting your right hand over your left and feel the vibration in your left hand.).

There is a difference in the Second Degree symbols. between the schools of thought. (I was trained in three of these systems.) How do we know if the energy is the best for us?

With both First and Second Degree Reiki, your cat should love and prosper with the energy. The people around you should want to be kind to you. Positive aspects in your life should manifest themselves to you. If not, that system is not suited to you.

If it works for what appears to be the Highest and Best Good, I do it, and if it doesn't , I don't.

That is a good philosophy, in my opinion.

If you are not experiencing positive results, go back to your Reiki master or to another one to have a check.

Positive results are the usual. Enjoy.


I have been careful to separate Dr. Usui's Reiki from the additional techniques.



More about the Additions:

Some Reiki masters use the word "Plus" for the additions.

Some Reiki masters are combining Reiki with such things as colour, or primal therapy.

Some Reiki masters teach the basic Dr. Usui method without additions..

I, Olga Nickle, Reiki master and anyone that I have intiated as Reiki Master is teaching the Dr. Usui method. The inclusion of additional techniques in the use of Reiki provides a broader spectrum for healing. Reiki is an integral part.

All of these Reiki masters are teaching valid methods of healing. Usually, they are very clear to their students about what is Reiki and what is not. They are all to be respected.

Reiki is such a wonderful technique that it can enhance all that you do.


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