Here are just some pictures of some cool toys. This is going to take awhile to load be I think it will be worth it. Check back soon as I have lots more pics to post.



Here is a real cool old Ford. The neat thing about this car is it's roof. It is a hard top convertible and when you put the top down the trunk tips back and the hood slips back down under it. A great toy but  out of my price range think it sold for a couple hundred bucks U.S.

coachOK Here is a real treat for all you Royalty fans. This is a pressed tin toy that was produced to celebrate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth. This girl is way out of my price range. I think it sold for around 400 bucks

Now here are a couple of gems because of the absolute new condition of these toys. They must have been found in some warehouse.

 Spy stuff. Now what kid in the 60's could get along with out having one of these to combat the evil no good nicks of the world. There are a couple of other spy items I will be posting when I get some more time so stay tuned.


And for those days when you just can't have to much fire power there was the Johnny Seven Rifle.This a scan from the Eatons catalog.

Very few of these have survived complete. One thing this toys was real good at was loosing it's parts.

What kind of spy would you be if you didn't have a rig like this.Not really sure how the "clip" on the barrel extention was supposed to work but details like that never bothered young spys out to save the world. I have added a scan for the toy from 1966 Sears catalog

One of the better New toys to come on the market. Still trying to get my hands on one I can afford.