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These are only a few of the many Web pages connected with the reading and writing of fan fiction. I have chosen them because they are comprehensive, interesting, and/or informative.

Every Fanfic Ever Written In the author's words, "By the time you finish reading this, you will have already read every fanfic in existence!"

The Turkey City Lexicon (Annotated) The Lexicon is familiar to anyone who's ever attended a science-fiction writing workshop; these annotations add to the value and the fun. Learn how to safeguard your prose against the Burly Detective Syndrome, the White Room Syndrome, and the Jar of Tang.

The Witness Protection Program: Protecting Innocent Language from Bad Writers Everywhere This should be required reading for all writers of fan fiction. Mosca covers everything from unimaginative story titles to logic-straining crossovers to "dripping, weeping, leaking anything."

The Elements of Phile Kipler's site is well known to X-Files writers, but any writer in any fandom who intends to display his or her work in public should stop in for a look before posting. Kipler addresses most of my pet net peeves, including the not-so-arcane distinction between "lose" and "loose" and why a summery day makes you want to postpone writing a summary. Read and learn.

Macedon's "The Craft of Writing" A useful restatement and summation of some of the fundamental rules of the craft, with special reference to the writing of fan fiction.

ASC Archive What its name says: the story archive for a.s.c. and a.s.c.e.m. A unique and irreplaceable resource. The Trekiverse site is now operational, and includes numerous links to writers' home pages.

Orion Press Orion Press has radically scaled down the scope of its operations. However, TOS fic will continue to be available both online and in print.

Fan Fiction on the Net Karen Nicholas's site includes hundreds of listings of fiction written in many fandoms, as well other material of fannish interest.

Copy Catfight: How Intellectual Property Laws Stifle Popular Culture An article by Jesse Walker from the March 2000 issue of Reason magazine.

The Poachers and the Stormtroopers: Cultural Convergence in the Digital Age An address by Henry Jenkins, the author of Textual Poachers, presented at the University of Michigan in 1998.

STasis: Your Guide to the Scholarly Literature of Trek In the site owner's words, "This site contains over 500 abstracts, summaries and references to reliable, authoritative information sources for researchers, students, reporters, editors, biographers, sociologists, and journalists. The information sources include books, magazines, newspapers, press releases, manuscripts, working papers, dissertations, case studies, web sites, thesis papers, and scholarly reports. News coverage starts in 1995. Academic [and] scholarly reports, thesis papers, and case studies start in 1968. The abstracts are arranged by subject to display the most relevant bibliography." A must-visit site for fan fiction writers, who are sure to find inspiration as well as information.

DS9 Encyclopedia and Lexicon Tracy Hemenover's site is indispensable for anyone writing in the DS9 timeline. It encompasses the entire series, from "Emissary" to "What You Leave Behind." Accurate, well-organized, and meticulously researched.

Too Good To Be True: 150 Years of Mary Sue "She's amazingly intelligent, outrageously beautiful, adored by all around her--and absolutely detested by most reading her adventures. She's Mary Sue, the most reviled character type in media fan fiction." An entertaining (and cautionary) essay presented by Pat Pflieger at the American Culture Association conference, March 31, 1999, in San Diego.

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