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The stories that are recommended here are my personal favorites. They display extraordinary craftsmanship, imagination, intelligence, or originality (often, all four). They appeal to my taste for unusual perspectives, themes, and visions. They challenge and refute prejudices and easy assumptions about the writing and reading of fan fiction. Most important, they're faithful to their source material and their chosen characters--even in extreme situations, even in alternate universes. Click on any one of the links below and discover something new and thought-provoking.

The stories are listed alphabetically by the author's first name within fandoms. Please note that they are intended for adult readers. Read, enjoy, visit the authors' sites for more fine stories, and please send feedback to the authors.

Star Trek

Angie, "Punk"

Boadicea and Kelly, "Baby Demon"

Claire Gabriel, "The Porcelain of Twilight"

Debbie Baudoin, "Chapel to the Village" (click on "Star Trek Classic")

Djinn, "Blood Ties" (click on "Original Series")

E.J. Andrews, "Revisionist History"

Ellen Fremedon, "Riverside"

Jintian Li, "Enseignant l'Ensign"

Jungle Kitty, "Random"

Killa, "What the Heart Remembers"

Kyra Cullinan, "Fly Away"

Rabble Rouser, "A Captain for the New Age"

Rabble Rouser, "Weeds"

Scarlet, "One Night on Rura Penthe"

Seema, "All Things"

Shayenne and Your Cruise Director, "Past, Present, and Future Tense"

Your Cruise Director, "New Robes"

The Jossverse (BtVS and AtS)

Cynthia Liskow, "Sufficient Champagne"

Elizabeth, "Blood Song"

Jennifer-Oksana, "Wasteland"

Jessica Walker, "Tucker's Brother"

Rachel Anton, "Geek the Girl"

The Pretender

Julie Fortune, "Permanent Vacation"

S.N. Kastle, "My Funny Valentine"

Due South

Resonant, "Broadway Hotel"

The X-Files

Anubis, "Sore Luck at the Luxor"

Darwin, "Ceremony"

Penumbra, "Black Hole Season"

Plausible Deniability, "Malus Genius"

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