Pork sausage stew

1.5 - 2.0 lbs. pork sausage meat (not in casings) or fresh pork (farmer's) sausage or ground pork
1 can tomato soup (284 ml)
1 can mushroom soup (284 ml)
1 can tomatoes (796 ml)
2 cups of milk
4 large potatoes
1 large onion
3 stalks of celery (or celery seed, in place)
1 kg bag of frozen mixed vegetables (or less)
basil, black pepper, bay leaf

Heat water in a pot for cooking potatoes. Leave skin on potatoes.  Dice your potatoes before cooking (reduces cooking time).
Fry meat add pepper and salt if you are not using meat that is already seasoned. (I use a large electric frying pan and then assemble the whole stew in the same pan.)  While meat begins to fry chop up an onion and fry with meat (onion only needs 2 minutes frying).  When meat is cooked add soup and 2 soup cans of milk or other liquid. Add can of diced tomatoes or cut up whole tomatoes and add.  Add chopped celery, bay leaf and frozen mixed vegetables (I used frozen "Italian mix" vegetables for the photo with this recipe).  Add a good amount of dried basil and black pepper to taste.  Allow enough time cooking on medium to low so that frozen vegetables are cooked.  Add cooked potatoes, stir well and serve.

Options:  Fresh tomatoes instead of canned while in season;  instead of mushroom or tomato soup you can prepare a white sauce.  Usually I chop my own carrots for stew - using frozen vegetables sacrifices texture but saves considerable time.

Pork sausage stew (vegetables include carrots, zucchini, roma beans, lima beans, cauliflower,  red bell peppers, tomatoes, potatoes and onions)