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Stericalc ™

Why you need Stericalc.

You are not only protecting your students but yourself as well.
Colds and Flus are viruses that are spread by contact. Stericalc is one of the most cost effect ways of eliminating virus on surfaces such as calculator and computer keyboards. You can prevent the spread of colds & flu by sterilizing the keyboards of each, for pennies, using the Stericalc swabs.

How is this done?

This takes 30s at the end of the class.
With the box of Stericalc swabs you get detailed instructions on teaching your students how to sterilize the calculators.


100 swabs: $5.00 box code: SC-100 (5 cents ea)
200 swabs: $9.50 box code: SC-200 (4.75 cents ea)
600 swabs: $31.50 box code:SC-CS (4.5 cents ea)
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