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RM Slate
Tablet PC Multi-Touch Screen

RM Slate

RM introduces the first touch-based handheld tablet designed for K-12 that runs on Windows. The RM Slate is a revolutionary tablet that uses Windows 7 so you can run Microsoft Office and most other applications written for personal computers without the need for additional technology training. It is light (2 lbs.) and compact (1/2" thick), but with a large screen (over 11"). With the multi-touch screen, pen stylus, and handwriting recognition, it is easy for users to input and manipulate data, notes, ideas and more. The RM Slate combines the flexibility of a handheld pad, the power of a laptop computer, and an attractive price for any school budget.

The RM Slate offers educators features that other leading pads do not, including:
"I cannot say enough about this product. It is light weight, very portable, less cumbersome than a laptop or tablet with more functionality than a netbook. It's fast, smooth and wireless and effortlessly integrates with existing software and hardware. No need to buy Apps, or third party software to get it to work. All around excellent product for the on the go tech or teacher." -Tony Doelker, Brevard County, FL

"I have used the RM Slate for business applications as well as for creative applications, and I have found it to be reliable, easy to use, and extremely portable. I have experienced no issues or glitches. In short, the RM Slate is a great product that has limitless possibilities for any user." -Cory Tressler, Beaufort County, SC
The RM Slate is available with RM Easiteach™ NextGeneration and RM Podium 2.0.