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Did you know that, CCS does repairs to TI calculators and accessories such as CBR2s. Save your money. Don’t throw out your old ones, repair instead.

eg: for a TI-83+:
We charge $30.00 for each repair.
We charge nothing if we cannot repair it. If you want us to dispose of it in an environmentally safe way, its FREE.
$89.95 for a replacement TI-83+.

Please send your damaged or broken calculators to:

CCS, Repairs
24 Rogate Pl
Toronto, M1M 3C3
  1. Write what is wrong with each, before you send them. Use masking tape for a label.
  2. Include your return address, name, and phone number.
  3. If we cannot repair it, we can replace them with reconditioned product that costs way less than a new one.
  4. If you know that you want the damaged ones replaced from the start, state that.
  5. If you want us to tell you the costs beforehand, state that too.
  6. If we cannot repair it and you want us to dispose of it in an environmental way, its FREE.

Other than the shipping costs to CCS, you have nothing to lose.