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Whiteboard software by RM Inc.

Easiteach Next Generation is the latest version of the very popular Interactive Whiteboard software. It is used by Hitachi, PolyBoard, PanaBoard, Valu-Board, and EPad. It is a complete whole class teaching and learning application which puts you in the driving seat for creating and delivering engaging lessons and resources. The tools are rich and powerful but also easy to use, removing barriers and allowing you to make the most of your classroom hardware tools such as interactive whiteboards, projectors, slates, voting systems and even multitouch tables.

The software has a new and improved design, providing intuitive navigation and bringing the tools you love most to the forefront of the application. Use Easiteach to tell stories in a fun and appealing way, motivate students, and bring lessons to life.

Included content packs in a range of topic areas will help to fuel your ideas, and `Help me create... ` tutorials will guide you through using the vast array of toolsets in a fun and practical way.

Create, narrate, innovate.

Easiteach can be used to create your own personalized lessons or resources from scratch. And it's easy! Take a look at the drawing tool bar or the text tool bar and explore the advanced properties. The new software has been designed to bring tools to the forefront, allowing you to work with text and objects quicker and easier than ever before.

Create and prepare resources well in advance of your lessons or use Easiteach as a high end narration tool to support lessons. Record your voice onto any object at the touch of a button, use the bouncy ball tool to aid the class in reading text in unison, and annotate parts of the page to emphasize messages.

Easiteach can help you respond to students' curiosity. Imagine a student asks a question about a word or object. Use Easiteach to answer their question, explore definitions, show real life examples and get the rest of the class fired up to ask their own questions!

Easiteach comes with content of a professional standard. But you don't have to use any of our content purely as it comes use your creative muscle and adapt our ideas to develop your own innovative versions of the resources.