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Non-Graphing Calculator Cases

CCS manufactures storage cases for most non-graphing TI calculators. Samples are shown below. All cases are in a hard black plastic case with foam inserts to hold the calculators in place. At a glance you can see if one is missing. If you require a special case, please contact CCS.

TI-108 CS Holds 30 (class set)
TI-108 calculators.
TI-108 CSOH Holds 30 (class set)
TI-108 calculators plus the Overhead calculator.


TI-15 CS Holds 30 (class set)
TI-10 & TI-15 calculators.
TI 30XII Case Holds 30 (class set)
TI-30X II S., TI-30Xa., TI-30X IIS ., or TI-34X II  calculators.