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Meet the Grima Family

Meet the Grima Family

Mike was born in Melbourne, Australia at a very young age. A licensed electrician and telecommunication technician by trade, he began working with wood as a teenager.
The furniture he made for he and Brigitte impressed others and soon the results of his talent were being shared with family and friends.

In 1985 the Grima family came to Canada to visit with Brigitte's parents. While on that holiday, the beauty and flavour of the north presented an opportunity, and the Grima's purchased a piece of property in Burk's Falls. Meanwhile, they dreamed of a praiseworthy building which would house a furniture retail outlet as well as a workshop.

They returned to Canada in 1987 and built their home. In 1988, the Wooden Roo began. Mike worked from the garage while Brigitte painted in the basement. Working craft shows and wholesaling their product became a way of life for about seven years.

In 1995 they realized their dream by building the main building to house the Wooden Roo. Mike's talent for detail and insistence on quality is evident when you enter the showroom. Furniture and unique handcrafted gifts from all across Canada are beautifully displayed with a decorator's touch. There are solid pine floors throughout and the Mike and Brigitte's handcrafted staircase leads to the huge loft. Here the larger pieces of furniture and a local art gallery is displayed. The soaring two-story ceilings, massive wood beams and interesting window treatment elaborate upon the grand spectacle.

Between their regular line of products and custom pieces the Grima's are kept very busy.  Their uncompromising high standard of quality requires time, but their expertise shortens it dramatically. So customer satisfaction is easily met.

Mike enjoys the challenge of the custom end of the business and Brigitte is an expert at finishing the products of the Wooden Roo. Products are stained and given two coats of high quality finish. A careful sanding takes place between each step-- even the underside is finished.

Mike and Brigitte's children are also involved with the business. One looks after the retail side of things while Mom is painting and the other is helping Mike downstairs in the workshop.

This family of entrepreneurs achieve a great deal of satisfaction from their business, but the greatest satisfaction is knowing there are many people in the world enjoying things that have been created by their hands.

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