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Wooden Roo Solid Pine and Oak Furniture
To Communicate With The Wooden Roo
Please Use One of the Following Methods.


Visit Us Soon In the Beautiful Near North
or write us a note and mail it via snail-mail to...

The Wooden Roo,
Box 136,
311 Ontario Street,
Burk's Falls, Ontario, Canada
P0A 1C0


Telephone or fax ...
ask for Mike or Brigitte Grima

Send us an email at 920891@ican.net

15 Minutes of Fame

On September 16, 1999, the Toronto Sun presented an article on the Wooden Roo. It appeared in the Travel section and the Grimas are grateful to Harvey Currell who wrote the piece. Click on the photo to see it in larger format.

We will be more than pleased to discuss custom
made solid pine or oak furniture, ornaments
or just about anything you might require.

Prices, design and shipping information
may be communicated via the above methods.

Because we do all the work on our premises,
in a modern enviroment, we can assure
economical prices and the highest standards
of quality workmanship for our customers.

This is only a small sample of our work.
Products in the store are all Canadian made, with a portion of it being crafted locally.

For a short biography of the owners of The Wooden Roo
and their family...

Click A Short bio of the Grimma Family Here.

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