(be very, very afraid.........)
A couple of years ago, I bought a Sparton 410 from my favourite Rogers' tube source in Toronto. It looked a little rough around the edges, but hey, I'd done lots of patches and had just built a base for a big old Sparton console, so I could handle this thing. We'd gotten that old Rogers' cathedral going, and it had been ratty, too. How hard could this be, right? Right?
How naive, eh?

This is still going on. I have relaminated most of the wood along the base and in the plies along the sides. The top had a fairly serious puncture that is sort of visible to the left side of centre in the first picture, but is now holding quite well. I have had a fairly major breakthrough recently in that, after several months of trying, I have convinced that repwood grille to lie down mostly flat (it had bowed out a good 1 1/4", it now bows maybe 1/4") and have filled in the holes where it had split over the years and had no intention of ever meeting again. Properly painted, it looks quite good. The radio is now running quite well, though I just had to replace a 24A which blew on me. Sadly, I have no idea where to get a replacement cap for that hole, or the mini tube shields that are also missing. I've seen another one of these on the net, I keep meaning to ask the guy to send me a shot of the back of it so I can at least see what I'm looking for. The chassis polished up beautifully, though. It was shocking. Still to do: There are two veneer patches needed along the back edge on the right, then the refinishing can start, once the decent weather comes.

Repairs under way.
Still some rust spots, but looking much better.
Shining again.
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